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Welcome to my first blog ever and to the start of my journey into Social Media Management.  I have recently been asked by my Church to take control of the various social media they have.  At the time, I was just starting to learn about the process. 

I have always looked at social media as a way to express yourself on-line to a mass audience.  I had not thought about how this could work for a business or entity such as my Church.  As an entrepreneur, I see how this knowledge can help me in the future.

So I have been on social media for quite some time personally.  I remember the MySpace days, heck, I used to chat with my wife on there before we were dating or married (No, I did not meet my wife on-line).  Mostly I used MySpace as a way to play games and talk to friends/colleagues.  Up until three months ago, I only used Facebook on a regular basis.  I had never seen the advantage of Twitter or Instagram.

One day I had this bright idea of becoming this huge social media person on video games.  I created accounts everywhere for this.  I learned about apps such as Buffer, Hootsuite, etc. to streamline my postings.  That didn't last very long as I found there were already too many like that.

A few years ago, my wife and I led the youth at our Church.  The Church gave me access to their social media accounts and website to attract more youth.  I failed with that part, but I did an ok job with the leading.  After that experience, I faded away from using the Church accounts.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago; I was having dinner with my parents, some other Church people, and my Pastor.  I was telling them about my experiences with social media and the "streamlining" apps I had found.  This is where I was asked to take it all over.  I thought about it for a short period, and then I told them I would do it.  I have always known God had a plan for me to be more active in my Church, I just hadn't found it yet.  I thought maybe this was it.

I am still learning.  Lord do I have quite a ways to go, but I am here doing my best.  We (the Church) has been having these movie nights this Summer.  So far, the attendance to the movie nights has been increasing with the more I do on social media.  I have recently started a free course on social media management, and I hope it can help me understand some of the stuff I don't get yet (SEO, analytics, etc.).

So that is a rant about why I am doing this.  I hope to upload a new blog at least weekly.  See you later.


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